Mom Sets Up Camera for Grandma, Instead Catches Husband in Act That’s Lighting Up the Internet

It’s not always easy for moms to trust anyone else with watching over the kids, not even if they are people whom they know they can rely on. That’s because moms tend to be overly-protective, especially when kids are young and they need a lot of care and assistance.
However, there are some exceptions to the case. Mom Rugeana and her husband fit into this category. Although the man might not always do things like she would do them, he has a close bond with his children and knows just how to behave around them so that the kids not only feel safe but also have the times of their lives.
Even so, Rugeana was curious to see just what her husband is up to when she is out busy with work and he is the only one in charge of taking care of the kids. So she decided to find out for sure and installed a hidden camera without her husband being aware of the fact that he is going to be monitored.
What the camera captured is lighting up the Internet and it’s all for the right reasons. The man’s silly behavior and hilarious gestures proves that none of us truly grow up. Take a look:

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