Mom said “Get off the couch!” The pup’s response? PRECIOUS!

Puppies are without question some of the most adorable animals we have here on Earth. They are playful, cute and unpredictable. World is full of wonders and new discoveries and as owners all we can do is be happy we can be part of their journey.
However, some puppies also have a huge temper. Some called it a big personality. The Bulldog in the video below definitely has a strong personality and a lot to say. When his owner lets him know that he’s not allowed on the couch, Bentley immediately reacts and lets his human know that he doesn’t agree with her decision.
The dog starts acting all fussy in an attempt to defend his actions and maybe even persuade his owner to bend the rules just a little bit.
If you’re a dog owner yourself, you know how hard it is to scold a puppy for being naughty when they stare into your eyes and make all kinds of adorable gestures that just melt your heart.
As far as animal videos go, this one is definitely worth sharing, so make sure you take a second to do just that. Your friends and family will thank you for it.

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