Mom In Coma After Emergency C-Section, 1 Week Later Nurses Astounded To Find Answer In Baby

When Shelly and her husband found out they were going to be the parents of a little baby girl, they were ecstatic. They both looked forward to the day they will welcome the baby into the world and hold her for the first time in their arms.
However, Shelly came extremely close to not ever meeting her baby. You see, on the day that should have been the happiest of their lives, Shelly was brought to the emergency room for an emergency C-section. During the procedure, a blood clot that was loose in her system sent Shelly into a coma. With fluid building up in her lungs, doctors were expecting the worst.

But then, someone on the medical staff had the brilliant idea to bring Shelly’s baby who was brought into the world perfectly healthy to her. Knowing how beneficial skin-to-skin contact is for sick babies, doctors decided to employ the same method to help Shelly.

And it worked! The baby’s presence was so powerful that Shelly woke up from her coma and has since made a full recovery. Now, Shelly and her baby are both happy and thriving. What’s more, the baby is extremely well-behaved and almost never cries, as if she knows what her parents went through on the day she was born.

Watch the video below to watch Shelly and her husband talk about the unbelievable experience they went through and how they feel now. This is an incredible story and we’re happy that both Shelly and the baby are now healthy.

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