Mom Boils Toilet Paper After Going Through Hard Times, Shares Results That Stun The Internet

As a mom of three, full of energy young kids, Marine veteran Amber Mills has her hands full. So it’s quite impressive that she can make time to create any kind of dress, but the fact that she’s managed to make a dress entirely out of toilet paper takes things to a whole new level.
It all started after Amber made it to the final round in a national contest to create a wedding dress from toilet paper. I’m going to go on a limb here and assume you’ve never tried to make a dress out of toilet paper, but it definitely sounds like a mission impossible kind of task.
But this talented and creative mom has managed to do it. Her secret? She actually turned the toilet paper into some sort of paste by first by boiling it and adding a ton of glue to the mix. She then mixed everything together using handheld mixer to obtain the consistency similar to that of mashed potatoes.
The process might be weird, to say the least, but the result is truly a work of art.
This is without a doubt not something you get to see every day, so make sure to also share the clip with all of your friends and family online.

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