Mom and Baby Girl Walk Up to Goat. Their “Conversation” Went Viral Overnight

There’s no denying that kids have a different way of seeing the world. To them, a simple walk in the park can seem like an amazing adventure. The world is their playground and every new discovery they make about the things that surround them is an exciting one.
Everything is an opportunity to learn something new and have fun! And nowhere is this more obvious than in the video below.
In it, an adorable baby girl looks as if she is having an intense conversation with a goat, and the images are sure to put a big smile on everybody’s faces.
The girl was with her mom at a petting zoo when they came across a funny-looking goat. The animal immediately got the girl’s attention and mom took her to get a closer look.
That’s when the goat started making a funny noise that left mom and the zookeeper in stiches. The girl, however, took things more seriously, and tried to make sense of what the goat was trying to communicate.
What’s more, the toddler did her best to copy the sounds the goat made – and the result is hilarious! You’ll want to see this!

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