Mom And Dad Create Brilliant Way To Introduce Their Dog To The New Baby

Many people out there are tapping into their creative sides and manage to capture some pretty impressive shots using the GoPro camera. But the video below has to be one of my favorites.
The clip shows baby Isaac coming home for the first time from the hospital, and the images are just as you expect: totally adorable. But what really makes this video stand out is the family’s Golden Retriever who anxiously awaited the moment when he would meet the baby for the first time. The footage captures the dog’s expression up-close, so you’ll be able to get a good look at his face when he first sees the baby.
The dog can be seen waiting by the front door, where he had been standing at for most of the day, according to the video’s brief description on YouTube.
Judging by these images, the two will have no problem hitting it off. In fact, we’re pretty sure they are going to be best friends and experience a lot of fun moments together living under the same roof.
Babies and dogs are a match made in heaven. Your friends will want to see this too, so take a moment to share the images with them as well.

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