Mob Of Lunch Ladies Storm The Stage. Moment They Whip Around Crowd Can’t Contain Their Laughter

Every high school has at least one school lunch lady that everyone knows, right? Well, the students in the video below decided to use this high school reality to put together a performance that would make them stand out among the rest. And judging by the result, that is exactly what they managed to do.
Dressed in lunch lady uniforms, the students took over the stage at American Dance/Drill Team competition and surprised everyone with their unique approach. To get a better sense of the impact their performance made on those in the audience, know that the video was uploaded by someone who was there to support a different team.
However, this idea was so outside the box and so well executed, that she just had to share it with the rest of the world. And we’re happy that she did because this is definitely not something one would expect to see on stage at a competition for high school students.
The students combined humor with high-energy moves and had the entire audience cheering for them throughout their performance. This is the kind of video you’ll instantly want to share with others! Take a look and get ready to be entertained:

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