Missing tortoise found 7 days later and 5 miles away is happily reunited with family

It was quite an adventure for a tiny little tortoise in Roseville, California. Not so famous for their travel speed, the lovely creature has accomplished a five miles trip, after she went missing for more than seven days. However, what’s truly remarkable is her destination.

Sara Coggeshall and Sweety the tortoise know each other for over 20 years, when Sara’s dad passed her down the family beloved pet. So we can’t even imagine how she must had felt when the precious tortoise was missing. “You’re like, ‘this can’t be, this can’t be,’ then you say, ‘wow this really happened.’” she said. “My biggest fear she was run over, or attacked, or just gone for good.”

The woman and her friends and family have desperately tried to track down the missing tiny animal. They took social media in their attempts to find her, and even spread missing flyers all over, but as the days were passing their efforts were in vain. But a week after she went missing, Sara got a phone call and hope was back on the table, once again.

A woman Orangevale was driving back home when she spotted a tortoise on the road. She just pulled over and took her in as she presumably thought someone’s looking for her. It turned out to be Sweety. “She seemed shy, but as soon as Sara picked her up, she was excited, came out of her shell,” said Angela Martin, the woman who found the tortoise.

However, what’s incredibly remarkable is Sweety’s destination. Apparently the tortoise was heading to family’s old house. “As soon as I saw the street address, I started crying,” Sara said. “The fact that my Sweety, my Russian tortoise walked from the house she lived in for 10 years and went back to the house she used to live in 10 years ago; it’s bizarre.”

But the way she got there, through such a busy neighborhood will remain a mystery. “I hope she gets enough rest, so she can tell me the story cause I’m curious,” Sara jokes. After this lifetime adventure, Sweety only got a few stretches on her shell, but she’ll definitely need a long rest.

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