Meet the Real X-Men! 13 Strange Mutations That Will Blow Your Mind

The X-Men series are crazy popular, mostly because of its characters who have all kinds of mutations which give them unbelievable abilities. But while you would expect to see these types of characters in a movie, no one actually believes that it is possible to encounter the mutations depicted in the movie in real life.
Well, you might be surprised!
There are all kinds of strange anomalies and mysterious conditions that can cause one of a kind, real life mutants. The video below is a compilation of 13 weird mutations that exist in reality, even though you might find some of them hard to believe.
From creepy, medical genetic deformities to diseases that cause extreme symptoms, this clip has them all.
Just like the X-Men movie predicted, mutations are real. And even though, it’s highly unlikely that people who have these genetic mutations will start dressing in tight suits and have a life that resembles those of the characters in the movie, these people exists.
If you found the information in this clip interesting, makes sure to not just keep it to yourself. This clip won’t share itself, so if you have any friends who are also big X-Men fans, you know what to do.

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