Meet Bowie – the rescue cat who’s making a splash thanks to his different-colored eyes

I am pretty sure every cat owner out there thinks his feline is the most beautiful one in the world. And honestly, no one can’t blame them! However, it this particularly situation that might actually be true! Everyone meet the charming Bowie – a new internet sensation!

Bowie is a European Shorthair cat and he recently won everyone’s heart with his unique beauty. The adorable kitten was born with different-colored eyes. Due to an extremely rare condition called heterochromia, Bowie has a blue and a green eye. Besides his breathtaking beauty, the cat got his name after the legendary rock star David Bowie. Therefore his glory was inevitable! Bowie the cat was born to be a star and judging by his Instagram followers, his already there!

Even famous, Bowie simply adores eating and napping, just like every cat out there. He’s also very friendly. “When he sees the bag of treats he always starts purring instantly,” Bowie’s human, Maria Lloret told Bored Panda. “Bowie is very playful, sometimes too much! He loves playing with other cats.”

“Sweet and sassy at the same time,” is how Maria describes her favorite furry companion on Instagram. When he’s not cuddling with his human, Bowie enjoys beach walkings as well as climbing in the trees or hanging around with other cats.


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Now, Bowie enjoys the life of a star, but it’s wasn’t always like this. The sweet cat was abandoned by his previous owners and he ended up in a shelter. Thankfully he got adopted by Maria and her family who fell in love with the adorable cat first time they saw him.

“When we met Bowie, we fell in love,” Maria said. “He was obviously a beautiful cat but he was also so loving, always purring. The moment he got home, he fell asleep in my arms.”

Because of his rare condition. Bowie was ignored by the potential adoptive parents, but Maria says she’s so lucky to meet him. ” Cats with health problems and those with rare conditions will teach you patience and what love is about. And black cats will make you the luckiest person, for sure!,” the woman said.

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