Massive brown bear chasing a skier down mountain

Even though I am very fond of wildlife, there are a few wild animals I would never want to came across, especially in their natural habitats. Bears are definitely on the top of the list. However, bears encounters seem to be something very common for those who love winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding

I know it sounds crazy, but many ski instructors said they came face to face with wild bears many times during a season. Nonetheless they might got used with it, but to be chased by a massive bear down mounting must be a frighting experience. The kind of encounter, this skier in Eastern Europe had recently been through. Fortunately the man was extremely calm and he even filmed the entire moment.


Adrian Stoica – a ski instructor at the Predeal mountain resort had recently had a heart-thumping experience on the Clabucet ski slope in Romania. The experienced skier was with a group of trainees when all of sudden, a brown bear made its appearance on the slope and started to walk towards them.

As the bear, a young male, is getting inches closer to the skiers group, the instructor can be heard warning his learners to stay still and do not move and to make some noise. However, the wild beast doesn’t seems to be impressed, but not aggressive either. Surprisingly, the ski instructor keeps his cool and he tries to make the bear to get back in the wood, but his attempts are unsuccessfully. It is when he decides to ski down the slope, to protect the rest of the group. The bear is chasing him straight away!


“You’re not allowed here [on the slope]”, the man can be heard. “Go back in the forest.” Then he finds his way down the slope with while the bear chases him, for a pretty long time. At some point, though just as suddenly as he appeared on the slope, the young bear returns back in the forest.

The skier then shared the dramatic footage on Facebook and it went viral. It is remarkable the way he keeps his calm all the way. Take a peek:

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