Did you know that the practice of singing the National Anthem at sporting events dates all the way back to the late 1800s? That’s right! This pre-game tradition is fitted into professional sport – and with good reason.
It’s a powerful way to show respect to our country and all the courageous brave men and women who have fought to protect the ideals it stands for. The singing of the National Anthem is usually a pretty emotional moment of any sporting event, especially if the one who performs it is someone like Sgt. Dan Clark.
The Marine was pretty nervous when he took center stage and saw all those eyes pointed straight at him, but he managed to overcome his nervousness and deliver a performance that sent shivers down on everybody’s spines.
The man’s incredible voice allowed him to hit every single note of the song perfectly, but what’s most impressive is the emotion he brought to the song. It’s obvious that the lyrics aren’t just words to him; they actually mean something to a true patriot like him.
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