A Man Walks Through Singing a Christmas Classic – Now Keep Your Eye On the Girls in Red

Everybody has their own idea when it comes to how the perfect Christmas evening looks like. But if you’re anything like me, an ideal evening looks something like this: you hanging around with your family and friends next to the fireplace with a warm drink in your hand while Christmas songs are playing in the background.
No matter what your plans for the holidays are, chances are that music is going to play an important part. After all, there’s nothing that can help you enter a certain mood faster than the right type of music.
But if you’re still working on your holiday song selection for this year, we have a great suggestion for you that you are surely going to love. The performance belongs to famous singer Peter Hollens and it’s something that will warm up your heart.
What makes this performance so special and magical is the fact that no less than 300 people have come together to create it. That’s right; Peter is joined by 300 friends and together they perform what is one of the most extraordinary Christmas performances you’ll ever see.
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