Dogs do more than just provide companionship. They can change lives, and they do it all without ever asking for anything in return. It’s just one of the many reasons we love them.
In the case of the Bill Campbell, an Iraq war veteran, a beautiful service dog named Pax is what made the difference between life and death. After returning home from war in 2002, the man suffered from severe post-traumatic stress and all his family and friends were worried that his depression would have irreversible consequences.
Pax entered Bill’s life when he needed it the most and ended up saving him. And it was all in large part thanks to the incredible training Pax had received from his trainer, a woman called Lauri. Bill will forever be grateful to Pax and Lauri for the influence they’ve had in his life, so the man took Pax to see Lauri again.
The clip below captures the heartwarming reunion, as well as the dog’s touching reaction to seeing his former trainer. Lauri had a powerful reaction as well and was brought to tears by seeing her precious pup.
If you only share one clip today, I hope it will be this one.