Man Starts Shoveling Snow, Instead The Next 9 Seconds Have the Internet Exploding with Laughter

There are a lot of ups when it comes to snow. You get to have fun with friends playing in the snow, you get to be part of epic snowball fights and build adorable snowmen with your kids. But there also some downs as well.
And the one that most likely pops to mind first is shoveling snow. For starters, it’s a job that never seems to come to an end because as soon as you shovel the snow, a fresh layer covers the ground. But shoveling snow is not only an annoying task – it can also be a pretty dangerous one.
Slipping on ice while you have both hands on the shovel and falling is a real threat during snowy winters. But sometimes, it can lead to some hilarious results. This is one of those cases.
Someone took a video of a man falling for nine seconds straight while trying to shovel the snow on his front yard, and the images are enough to make anyone laugh out load. The man’s determination to keep his balance and not fall flat on the ground are downright impressive.
I know these images are going to look familiar – we’ve all been in this man’s situation at least once in our lives, so don’t feel bad for laughing!

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