Man Sings Haunting Rendition of Christmas Song, Creates The Sound of an Entire Choir Himself

“What Child Is This” is one of those Christmas songs that no matter how often you listen to, you never get bored of – especially when they’re performed by talented singers like Peter Hollens.
Peter Hollens is best known for his work on YouTube as an a cappella cover artist. With almost 2 million subscribers, it’s safe to say he’s also one of the best cover artists out there right now. His voice is incredible, but what really makes him stand out from the rest is his unbelievable creative ingenuity.
And the clip below is a great example of that. You see, through some clever editing, Peter manage to do the incredible and create the sound of an entire choir of singers all by himself. Yep, you read that right, and the result is a viral video that you definitely need to see to believe.
This is one of my favorite Christmas songs this year, and it will sure become one of your as well. The gift of music is one of the best gifts you can offer to loved ones this holiday season, so make sure to spread the love by hitting that Share button.

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