It’s impossible to look at a wild horse and not be dazzled by their beauty, grace and imposing spirit. Few things are as beautiful as watching a wild horse run free, but sadly, many wild horses in Romania aren’t allowed to be free, run as fast as they could and live the life they deserve
In some secluded areas in Romania, close to the Danube River, it’s common for wild horses to be tied up to the ground for days and even weeks in a row. This is done in order to prevent them from running away, and some horses even end up starving to death. What’s more, the chains that are being used to tie down the horses are very painful and can even cut into the skin of the horses.
It’s a harsh reality, but thanks to kindhearted volunteers like the ones in the video below, some of these horses are given a second chance at a happy, free life. The man is a veterinarian with the animal welfare organization Four Paws International who traveled to this part of Romania where horses are being kept captive.
It didn’t take long for him to notice a horse with chained legs, and he immediately knew the right thing to do: set the horse free. The entire rescue operation was caught on video, but the best thing about this clip is seeing the horse express his gratitude towards the man who rescued him.
It’s incredible to see the humanity in a wild animal being expressed in such a beautiful way! Take a look: