A kind-hearted man saved a litter of kittens from a pile of wood at the dumpster

When I am seeing people willing to risk their own lives to save some little innocent creatures, I just can’t hold back my tears. And when I first heard about Cliff and his heroic act, it was the same. But who wouldn’t have been touched by such kind-hearted action?

Cliff heard meowing coming from a pile of wood in the dumpster, so he checked out. And his soul started to melt itself when he spotted this little kitten over there. But soon, he noticed there were more than one kitten. “They got dumped in the dumpster, then there was wood dumped on top,” Cliff told Love Meow

So our hero started the rescue operation. A really hard one actually, if you’re thinking it took almost seven hours for Cliff to dig through those piles of wood. But in the end it worth every single minute of it as the kind-hearted man managed to save all these abandoned kittens. Thankfully, he also recored the rescue operation on his phone.

Shortly after, he took the little creatures to a Springfield, Missouri based rescue organization, called Watching Over Whiskers. Here the kittens received the proper care, until they all regained their strength. Hearing about his devotion and bravery, the shelter hailed Cliff as a hero. ”We are grateful Cliff took all that time to save these little lives. He’s a hero!”, one of the shelter’s staff said. And he definitely is!

h/t: lovemeow

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