Touching moment man is reunited with his lost dog after four years

I can’t even imagine how heartbreaking must be to lose a dog. However, it should definitely be a few times more overwhelming to reunite your four-legged companion after years he’s been missing. This guy in Ontario, Canada experienced that feeling after he reunited with his beloved dog, when no one would ever thought there’s still hope.

Mike Plas lost his husky and shepherd mix four years ago, after the dog broke out his perimeter collar at his home in Ontario. No matter how tireless his efforts have been all those years, Mike never managed to find his beloved friend again. Until days ago, when he received a phone call.

“He was always more than just a pet, or a dog to me,” Mike says. “We did everything together – we went fishing together, went hunting together, he came to work with me half the time. I’d take time off work to celebrate his birthday with him.”

Thanks to the efforts and kindness of the Centennial Animal Hospital in Winnipeg, Mike was about to reunite his dog, Jack, after four long years. While he was at work, on last Thursday, Mike just received that call he has been waiting for all this time. Of course, the moment was so overwhelming, Mike started to tear up.

They said they got a dog there and […] he was mine,” Mike says. “So I asked them to check and make sure the one eye had a bit of brow on it and one paw had a baby black nail.” The man, who admitted he actually never lost his hope, made his way right to the animal hospital to reunite his best buddy.

“Some days I’d get really upset, when I’m missing him a lot, but I never lost hope,” Mike said. The moment they’ve finally meet again after such a long time it’s hard to be described by words. Fortunately for both Mike and Jack it was time to fulfill that empty gap left by their unwanted breaking.

“It was more joyful that anything I could ever experience again. I think it’s like my life went back to the way it was, the way it’s supposed to be,” Mike said. “When they opened up the door and he saw me, he started going crazy. He started crying, kissing me, rolled over on the ground and wanted me to pet his belly. His tail hasn’t stopped wagging for a while.”

Watch their heartwarming reunion bellow!

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