Kind man helps trapped baby horse as its mother looks on

It took a kind man and tons of luck for this foal to get a second chance. The poor baby horse got stuck between the wooden beams of a bridge, with its mother watching helplessly. Fortunately, Mario Orcon was at the right place at the right time to save the baby horse’s life!


Mario was driving down a country road when he unexpectedly came across a young horse in distress. The animal had somehow got itself trapped between two wood barns and was struggling to get out. So without a second thought, the nice guy stepped up to help the poor foal out. But, he soon realized that setting the baby horse free won’t be an easy rescue though.


Meanwhile, its mom who was close by was watching her baby suffering, but sadly she wasn’t unable to help in any way whatsoever. Fortunately, after a few failed attempts, Mario managed to carry the foal safely to the other side of the bridge and to reunite it with its mother. Their reaction when reunited is so beautiful.

You can watch the dramatic rescue in the video below!

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