Man Rescues Stray Dog Trapped Under Bridge

A group of young men in Serbia spotted a dog trapped on an island beneath a bridge and were eager to help. However, they felt ill-equipped to conduct the rescue operation safely. As they reached out for assistance, Saša Pešić responded. Pešić, a dedicated advocate for Serbia’s stray dogs, shelters and saves hundreds of dogs without a home. Unhesitatingly, he climbed down the bridge to save the marooned puppy.

Zox Raymaker narrated the subsequent events. “While returning home today, I ran into some friends who informed me about a tiny dog stranded on an island in the Nišava River. We rushed to the scene to lend a hand, but from our vantage point, we realized our efforts would be insufficient without the right gear and tools. We began contacting various institutions and individuals, but only Mr. Saša Pešić from the “Dog Shelter” (#savesashasdogs) came to our aid. Without a second thought, he accomplished his mission, and I’m sharing his heroic act with his consent.”

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