Man rescues blind and deaf kitten

Every cat deserves to have a loving, caring owner, but as we all know, there are many cats who don’t have the chance to meet the right person. Some cats out there barely survive and spend their days out in the street, fighting for food and shelter.

The kitten in the video below used to be one of them. The kitty was blind and deaf, and in an overall poor health when he appeared in the stairwell of Zeyad K.’s apartment building. As soon as the man saw her, he knew the kitten needed immediate help or else she won’t make it.

“I opened her eye sockets to check, but there was nothing inside. That’s when I knew that she was completely blind,” Zeyad told Love Meow. “I returned home to find her lying down on my doorstep and she was just skin and bones, looking a lot dirtier than she was before. My family didn’t need any more convincing after seeing that saddening sight, as I had been telling them how a blind stray cat wouldn’t be able to survive on her own and how we needed to take her in.”

The cat’s eyes were completely glued together so the man suspected she most likely had an eye infection. So the first thing he did after giving the cat something to eat was to take her to a vet for a check-up. Then is when he found out that the kitten’s medical problems were a lot more severe than he had first anticipated. But even so, the man was determined to help. He named the cat Votchy and made the decision to adopt her.

Every day, the man would take care of her, and every day, the cat was feeling just a little bit better. Now, the cat looks nothing like she did the first day he met her rescuer. She is not only a lot healthier but also a lot happier knowing she found her forever home. The cat is still blind and deaf, but that hasn’t slowed her down. And her owner loves her just the way she is. Take a look:

(h/t: lovemeow)

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