This Irishman rescued 2 foxes and now they won’t leave his side

We’ve heard a lot of stories about people that saved dogs and cats and then ended up adopting them. Although two baby foxes adopted by a man, seems to be an incredible story, but it’s as real as breathing.

Patsy Gibbons is an animal lover from County Kilkenny, Ireland. He’s very popular among the locals, and not because he’s a movie star or something, but because of his two unusual friends, Grainne and Minnie, two foxes who follows him everywhere.

Mr. Gibbons found the foxes few years ago, when they were just a couple of weeks old. The animals seemed abandoned, so the kind man decided to take them home and to take care of them.

Thanks to this Irishman’s efforts, the foxes made a full recovery, so when they were strong enough, the good Samaritan decided to release them back in the wild. Only, the foxes had other plans. They refused to return back and “adopt” Patsy as they fur dad, instead. And they are inseparable, ever since.

“I now have people from all over the country and indeed the UK asking me for advice on looking after foxes,” Gibbons told The Irish Examiner. “I’m no expert and I’m still learning from them day-by-day [but] I’m happy to advise as a layperson.”

Grainne and Minnie are not the only animals Patsy is sharing his home with. His place is also a home for 12 ducks, two dogs, two cats and 28 hens. And, according to Patsy, they all get along very well.



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