Man Plays Piano On Frozen Ocean, But Watch Chilling Moment Glacier Behind Him Suddenly Cracks

During his impressive career, world-famous pianist Ludivico Einaudi has played for audiences throughout the world. He sang in incredible venues, designed by top architects, but no stage he ever played on could ever compare to this.

In an attempt to help people realize just how fast glacier are melting due to global warming, Greenpeace contacted Ludivico and asked him to play his piano in the middle of a frozen ocean. In the background, the glaciers can be heard melting and cracking, as the music becomes more and more intense.

Sometimes, music can tell a story better than any words could, and this is precisely why Greenpeace wanted Ludivico on board for this clip. Behind this incredible performance set in an unbelievable environment lays a powerful message: we need to do a better job when it comes to preserving the majestic Artic. And we have to start now, because every second that passes without us taking action can have devastating results.

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