Watch man’s emotional reunion with his donkey after two months

A man in Spain could not hold back his tears when reunited with his donkey, after two months. In a moving footage, Ismael Fernandez from Malaga, Andalusia meets his four-legged companion, Baldomera, after they’ve been forced to live separated due to the country’s lockdown!

Image credits Newsflash/Ismael Fernandez

While Fernandez stayed in home-town Malaga, the donkey was 19 miles away in El Borge, where her owner’s brother took care of her. Now, the two got the chance to reunite as some of the restrictions have been eased in the country. The moment is overwhelming for both the man and the donkey.

Image credits Newsflash/Ismael Fernandez

The touching video starts with the man sitting on uphills and calling his 5-year-old donkey. A few moments after, the animal runs to him and the moment Fernandez touches the donkey’s head the emotions overwhelm him and he starts crying. Baldomera could not hide her enthusiasm of seeing her human friend, too,  as she starts to ‘hee-haw’ in a moment of pure joy.

Image credits Newsflash/Ismael Fernandez

“I am not ashamed that you hear me crying because it was a demonstration of unconditional love,” the man said. “Baldomera was kind of crying too when she saw me getting upset. It was the most touching moment I have ever experienced.”

You cab watch the moving moment here:

h/t: metro

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