Man climbs into a giant water balloon then pops it in slow motion

What’s your favorite way to spend a free afternoon? Do you enjoy curling up in bed with a nice book and a cup of tea, spend time with your family, or maybe do some shopping? Well, the guys from Slo Mo Guys have a different way of spending their free time.
They love taking creative videos and shooting them in slow motion to capture amazing details. Their videos are very popular online, and people can’t seem to get enough of their slow motion adventures. In this particular video, one of the guys climbs into a giant water balloon while his colleague is in charge of filling the balloon with water.
When the water balloon pops, that’s when the magic happens. The slow-motion final is absolutely amazing to watch. You can literally see all the drops of water. By the end of the video, their backyard turns into one giant puddle. But by the look on their faces when they get to watch the footage for the first time, it was well worth the mess.
This video was viewed almost 70 million times. Make sure you’re not the only one who hasn’t seen it yet.

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