Man rescued orphaned pelican and now they share the unlikeliest friendship

Jeffrey Condon definitely has the best job in the world. He is the camp manager of the Nomad Lodges in Tanzania which is home to a diversity of animals. So, for him, a day at the office means interacting with all kinds of fascinating animals that make for Tanzania’s wildlife. That includes zebras, gazelles, hippos, elephants, among others.

Even though he’s surrounded by all those majestic animals, Jeffrey formed an incredible bond with..a pelican. A couple of years ago, a pelican was separated from its flock during a storm and it ended up on a beach. A true animal lover, the man took care of the bird ever since and the two have developed an unlikely friendship. Jeffrey even though the orphaned bird how to fish.

“When he was about a year old, I started teaching him to fish because he didn’t have his colony to show him how,” Jeffrey told the Financial Times. “I had to go out fishing for him anyway, and I thought that if I brought him with me I might awaken some of his natural fishing instincts.”

Big Bird, how Jeffrey named his unusual companion, eventually started to catch fishes all by itself, making its human friend so proud. “I was really happy for him,” he said. Thankfully, the duo captured on camera their lovely adventures and the footage won hearts of millions. Check it out:

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