How to Make Omelette: Insider Info that Will Help You Take Your Omelette to the Next Level

Everybody knows how to make omelette, right? We all have a recipe we’ve got used to over the years that we follow every single time. But there’s more than one way to make an omelette, and there are certain tricks that make the difference between an okay omelette and a perfect one.
There are many different ingredients that can be used, and different techniques of actually cooking the eggs. It’s all in the details, really.
If you want to learn some secrets from the pros on how to make omelette taste divine, then all you have to do is keep on reading.
The first tip all the pros swear by has to do with the filling. It’s best to prepare the filling first. Because eggs cook so easily, your filling should already be ready before you start whisking the eggs. This way, your omelette won’t get cold by the time you can actually sit down to eat, and your filling won’t be undercooked.
Another insider secret straight from the top restaurant kitchens in the world is to use an omelette pan. These pans are shallow and have sloped sides, and are designed to make it easier to move the eggs during cooking. The result? A light, yet rich in flavor omelette.
One final tip is to resist the urge to add liquid to your eggs. Many recipes out there suggest adding milk, cream or water to the eggs before frying them in the pan. But all the pros will tell you that’s a way to ruin a perfect omelette. It’s how to make eggs be all slimy and without any texture.

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