Major Warning Signs Your Gut is Overloaded with Toxins that Are Making You Depressed, fat and Anxious

Do you often find yourself feeling depressed and anxious for no obvious reason? Do the pounds keep piling up although you are doing your best to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle?
If that is the case, then you might be suffering from an imbalance in your gut. Overuse of antibiotics combined with a diet that lacks fermented foods can often create the perfect environment for an improper balance of microorganisms in the intestinal tract.
The question is how do you know you have an imbalance on your gut and not any other common conditions that could affect your digestive system? Well, for starters, pay attention to how often you experience feeling of depression and anxiety, as they are commonly associated with a gut imbalance.
Also, if you are having more difficulties learning new things than usually or if your mind seems constantly in a fog, your gut is probably trying to show you that something is wrong.
Other main symptoms include: unusual sugar cravings, weight gain, abdominal pain, bloating and indigestion, as well as joint pain and acne.
If you are experience these symptoms, make sure to reach out to your doctor as soon as possible.

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