It looks like an old truck. Now watch it transform into a fantasy castle

If you would happen to see the truck in the video below in traffic, chances are you would think it’s just another ordinary truck. But this vehicle is anything but that! That’s because it can actually turn into a fantasy castle that you have to see to believe.
The amazing home on wheels belongs to an incredibly creative couple who managed to make the most out of the space they have and create a small universe inside a tiny truck. Every square inch has a designed purpose and no detail was chosen randomly.
This is how its inhabits have managed to squeeze in several luxuries in what is a very small space. The castle comes equipped with a full kitchen, a generous bathroom with a shower, and a comfortable bedroom.
But maybe the most impressive amenity is the rooftop bath which emerges when the truck reaches its final form as a castle. Living in a truck is definitely not for everybody, but this couple have made it work, and say that for them, the truck/fantasy castle is a dream home.
This is creativity at its finest, so don’t keep this tiny house tour all to yourself! Do the right thing and share it with others!

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