Local Police Are Warning If You Spot Purple Fence Posts to Get Away as Soon as You Can

People paint their fences all kinds of colors these days, so seeing a purple fence is not something most of us would be alarmed by.
Well, if you live in Texas or just happen to be in the state travelling, you need to read this post. That’s because the color purple actually has a meaning that you should know because it might actually save your life.
According to a recent statement by the police, Texas and a number of other states with the purple paint law allow residents people who own land to mark the outskirts of the region they own with bright purple spray paint.
In other words, purple paint is the equivalent of a No Trespassing sign. There’s actually a pretty good reason Texas citizens do this. You see, usual signs that indicate trespassing is not allowed tend to be extremely sensitive to the elements. Whenever there’s a big storm, there’s a risk these sign will be blown away.
Purple paint is more reliable and more cost efficient, considering signs needs to be replaced when they go missing or get seriously damaged.
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