A little innocent girl was bullied for a year, but this huge gang decided to protect her

Bullying has damaging effects that can last for a really long time, even as the victim transitions into adulthood. Victims often feel depressed, alone, and scared to talk about what is happening to them. They feel like the bullying will never stop and that there’s no one who can help put an end to it.
Millions of people from across the world suffer from the harmful effects of being bullied. Many of them are too afraid or too ashamed to ask for help. Luckily, there are many incredible people who are willing to support and offer protection to victims.
The bikers in the video below are among those people. Several dozen members of area motorcycle clubs showed up in force when they heard that a little girl in their community was constantly being threatened and hurt by a bully who lives in her neighborhood.
The bikers learned about what was going on after her mom shared what was happening to her daughter on Facebook. The bikers decided to offer their support and even paid the bully a “friendly” visit to let him know that the girl is not alone and that there are people looking after her.
Take a look:

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