This little girl tries to scare her daddy, and she is super funny and cute!

As a new parent, you’re constantly worried that you are going to do something that will unintentionally hurt your baby. Infants look so small and fragile, which leads to most parents fearing that they will literally break their babies.
From the moment you first held your baby in your arms, you become utterly aware that from that point on, your main concern is making sure nothing bad ever happens to that perfect human being you’ve been blessed to have in your life.
But, again, it’s not easy being a new parent. You suddenly find yourself facing all kinds of completely irrational fears, and even seemingly simple tasks like cutting your baby’s nails seem like the scariest thing in the world. After all, it involves you handling a sharp object near your baby, and that’s scary, right?
Well, luckily, babies are way more relaxed than we are in these kinds of situations, and their easy-going attitude help parents loosen up and unwind just a little bit. The baby in the video below knows exactly what to do when dad is stressing out for nothing, and her spunky personality is the best!
It doesn’t get much more adorable than this! Enjoy!

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