Little Girl Helps Daddy Shave His Beard. Asks Question That’s Melting Everyone’s Heart

There is no denying that most men look very different with a beard, especially if we’re talking about a long, thick beard. In fact, some men look totally unrecognizable. After a few months of letting his beard grow, the man in the video below decided it was time to shave it all off.
The man wanted to surprise his wife, and because he needed a woman’s opinion, he turned to his adorable little girl for advice on how to trim his beard so that mom would like it.
The girl was happy to help at first, but she wasn’t expecting much of a change when it comes to the way her dad looks.
However, as soon as her dad began shaving it all off, the reality of the situation kicked in, and the little girl started feeling more and more confused to a point in which she almost no longer recognized her daddy.
“You look funny without your beard!” she says. Then, she goes on to ask “Are you still my Daddy?” The girl’s adorable reaction went viral online, and it’s easy to see why.
Luckily, though, dad’s new look did get some positive feedback as well, so his efforts weren’t all in vain. His wife loves his clean-shaven face.

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