Little Girl Drops Money in A Hat, Starts The Most Spine Tingling Flash Mob Ever Recorded

If you enjoy watching videos that take you by surprise, then chances are you will absolutely love the video below.
The clip captures the incredible moment a one-man performance turns into a major show, and it’s something that will totally catch you off-guard.
It all starts in the moment a little girl watching a street performer decided to showcase her appreciation for his act by dropping some change into his hat. She had no idea about what was about to happen and that her small gesture will trigger an entire musical operation meant to surprise bystanders and leave them in awe.
Just seconds after dropping the change into the bassist’s hat, another musician unexpectedly pops out of the crowd and joins him. Then, an entire orchestra comes together to play alongside the musicians and create a moment that no one would be able to forget anytime soon.
But the best thing about this video, I have to say, is the look of utter amazement on that little girl’s face when she realizes she has sparked a full blown “flash orchestra.”
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