Little Girl Changes Words to “Hallelujah,” Paralyzes Crowd with Her Haunting Version

Lena Preslar might be just a kid, but there’s nothing small about her talent or her ability to perform on stage. Her beautiful rendition of Leonard Cohen’s famous “Hallelujah” is so deeply moving that it will definitely put tears of joy in your eyes.
It’s hard to believe Lena is so young just by listening to her sing. She hits all the right notes with the confidence of an experienced singer. She clearly belongs on stage, and it’s safe to say she has a bright future in music, if she decided to pursue a career professionally in the future.
I know we would love to hear more of this talented little angel in the future, wouldn’t you? For now, enjoy this amazing Easter rendition of ‘Hallelujah’ that truly reminds us of the real meaning of Easter. Lena’s angelic voice is just perfect for the songs and her innocence only the lyrics that more powerful.
This is definitely not an easy song to master, but this little girl’s performance is spot on.
You will love every second of this, trust me. Close your eyes and let the music take you away. As always, don’t forget to share!

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