Little Girl Is Called Up in Front of the Whole School, Then Teacher Approaches Her in Tears

When parents lead an unhealthy, unbalanced, dangerous life, it’s often their kids who end up paying the price and suffering the most. The adorable little girl in the video below named A’Layah was born into a family of drug addicts. Because her mom was in no way equipped to take care of her, the little girl bounced from one foster home to the next.
Looking back at those days, the little girl remembers just how difficult it was for her during that time. Things totally changed for the better for A’Layah when she was adopted by her current mom. Misty Robinson knew right away that A’Layah belong to her family, and decided to offer her a forever love and unconditional love.
Misty always knew there was something special about this little girl, and soon after she adopted her, she had a chance to see just how incredible A’Layah actually is. A tornado hit just after her birthday, and destroyed her neighbor’s home.
The little girl’s reaction was unbelievable! A’Layah told her mom that she wanted to give all of the money she had saved up to buy a new doll to the family who lost everything in the tornado.

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