Cute little fox napping on a tree stump went viral on Internet

When Sara Ryan’s parents self-isolated them at their home in Canada, they thought it would boring, but it was nothing short of exciting. All because of an adorable fox who turned a tree stump into its favorite napping place. And guess what, that happened to be just in front of Ryan husbands’ windows

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“My dad was very excited!” Sara told The Dodo. “They’ve been social-distancing and don’t have pets, so I think they were excited to have something out of the ordinary in their yard!”

Image credits Twitter

It was Sara’s dad, the one who initially spotted the cute little creature. He took a picture of it and send it to his daughter straight away. Sara was glad to learn that her parents find something to occupy their time with, but soon after the snaps with the adorable fox kept coming, she knew it sounds like a lot of fun, so she decided to share the moment on Twitter. But little did she know her tweet would go absolutely viral.

Eventually, Sara’s parents named their sweet guest Nezuko and apparently it was the first time when the fox was visiting their backyard. However, it was the first time when cute little thing stayed so long.

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“My parents had seen [Nezuko] in the yard several times this winter,” Sara told Bored Panda. “But even the tree got cut down in late October, they never saw her up there until the day I posted the picture. They were really surprised to see her in the daylight, let alone sleeping on top of the stump.”

Image credits Twitter

After all, no one would say no to a little nap in a sunny day. Even so, Nezuko wasn’t bothered not even when Sara’s dad went outside his home. “At some point dad went outside,” the woman said. “The fox looked up and then went right back to sleep. The tree is protected by the garage behind it so it only faces my parents. I imagine that it’s a warm and safe place to nap!”

Credits Twitter | Bored Panda

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