Little boy loses his first tooth. Then Dad captures the ‘Tooth Fairy’ on camera

One of the best things about being a kid is that everything seems possible.
A giant slide that can go around the world and stop by all kids on Earth in a single night? Sure, that sounds possible! A tooth fairy that visits kids while they sleep, replacing the lost tooth with a small payment? There’s nothing out of the ordinary about that!
Nothing is impossible when you look at it with kids’ eyes, and it’s pretty great when we as adults and parents can do something to keep that wonderful childhood magic alive.
It’s an ability Daniel Hashimoto, the dad of the kid in the video below, has come to master. The man who works as an after effects artist for DreamWorks uses his skills to encourage his 5-year-old son’s creativity and turn his imagination into reality.
So when the young boy lost a tooth, dad knew he needed to do something special and show him the Tooth Fairy is as he imagined her to be. Using his computer generated imagery (CGI) skills, dad created an awesome clip that shows footage of a tiny illuminated fairy making her way into James’ room through the window and up to his bed.
The boy’s reaction is priceless!

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