Little boy cuddles with adorable Goldendoodle and wins everyone’s heart

It has to be a very special connection between dogs and little babies, since it is nearly impossible to find a better duo. Watching a mini-human hanging up with his fury companion is always heart-melting. This time it’s a 6-month-old little boy and the family’s puppy that win over the Internet.

A few days ago, a short footage of a baby boy adorably hugging his ‘real-life teddy bear’ went viral on Instagram. Apparently it is more like a routine for the baby Theo to cuddle up with his favorite pup, before bedtime. Samson, one of the family’s three dogs – a Golden Retriever – Poodle cross, shares a very special bond with the cute little child even since he was born. In fact, Jessica, Theo’s mom even joked saying she and her husband are pretty sure the baby boy actually thinks he’s a puppy judging by the inseparable relationship he shares with Samson and the family’s two other dogs – Charley and Shea.

“It’s amazing to see Theo’s relationship with the dogs evolve,” the mom said. “Pretty soon, Theo will be sneaking them treats. In the past month or so, Theo’s really started to pet and rub them and become more aware of their presence which has been sweet to watch. Theo is definitely going to think he’s a dog too.”

Even Jessica has regularly posted footages of baby Theo and his four-legged best friends, the one he’s hugging Samson went to everyone’s heart. “I think people just want to see heartwarming stuff these days as a break from what’s going on in reality,” parents Jessica and Alex told Fox News. “Samson used to cuddle his bear. Sweet to see him cuddle our baby now.”

Baby Theo and his bunch of Goldendoodles have gained over 700,000 followers on Instagram, who can’t wait to see their next adorable video.

h/t: Instagram | FoxNews | MailOnline

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