Family portraits are always a difficult task for any photographer. To get everyone ready for the camera or to find the perfect light and timing has to be a real deal. And beside that, imagine there are eight children to handle.

But apparently things are much more easier when it comes to a lion family. All after one lucky photographer has accidentally caught on camera three majestic lionesses and her eight cute little cubs in what we may easily call the perfect family pawtrait.

“In the midst but miraculously near the road, we spotted three healthy female lions lying atop an overgrown termite mound,” the photographer told Barcroft Media. “As we approached and stopped to photograph, eight tiny cubs emerged slowly one after the other from a nearby thicket. One by one they trundled up the hill and lay down next to one of the females.”

Just like in a veritable photo shooting, the lionesses and their cubs had all stared at the camera, giving the photographer the rare opportunity to catch some once-in-a-lifetime snaps. The wildlife photographer Barbara Fleming has taken the spectacular photos in Serengeti National Park, in northern Tanzania, where the cubs and their moms were resting when the photographer spotted them.

The Serengeti Loliondo Conservation is a 12,000 square miles reserve and it holds the largest lion population in Africa with over 3,000 individuals. The park is famous due to its massive annual migration of zebras and wildebeest. Thanks to this abundance of food, the lion families that live there have a large number of cubs. But even so, over the last 50 years the lions population has dropped by nearly 70 percent.

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