Watch rescued lion’s reaction when sees her adoptive dad again

This handsome gent is Adolfo. He was the first adoptive dad of that bashful lioness, Kiara. They spent much time apart, and Adolfo is worried she may not remember him. However, when Adolfo called her name, she came bundling over to him. Did she remember him? She sure did. Bears are usually the ones known for hugging, but Kiara the lion wrapped her paws around Adolfo and embraced him in an almost human manner.

YouTube/New York Daily News

It’s wonderful to see how happy the lioness is to see the man again. It’s been said that animals never forget the people they meet, and if this video is any indication of the truth, it might as well be right. Then, adorably, she tackled him to the ground and nuzzled her face into every nook and cranny she could get into.

YouTube/New York Daily News

From the second the man walks in the pen, Kiara seem to recognize him and reacts accordingly. Don’t forget Kiara is a full-grown lioness! This means she is more than capable of hurting a man. Still, Adolfo knows he’s not in danger!

Watch the beautiful reunion here:

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