Dad lion tries to punish his cub for bitting his tail, but only to get reprimand by mom

As many of you probably know, it’s never boring with kids! But apparently that doesn’t work only for human beings, but for wild animals as well. This lion family at the Washington National Zoological Park got a little bit of drama in their lives, after a play fight between dad and one of his tiny cubs, went too far.

Everyone sees him as the king of the animals, but as these hilarious snaps prove it, someone else is actually in charge here. A lioness with attitude had drastically rebuked her male, after he tried to punish their little cub. The funny scene unfolded in front of Jennifer Lockridge – a 42-year-old amateur photographer who managed to capture the spicy argue on camera. The woman is a regular visitor of the zoo, especially to admire the lion family that lives in there.

It turns out that one of the seven cubs, the family had together, has tried to bite his dad’s tale in the attempt of getting some extra attention. However, her intentions didn’t go as planned as the majestic dad decided to learn her a lesson. Luke as the male is named immediately pinned his cub, Lusaka on the ground. But everything came to an end when mom stepped in and the lion has learned how to behave with the kids the hard way.

“I thoroughly enjoyed watching this interaction and Luke has just recently been allowed to interact with his cub,” Jennifer who witnessed the scene, said. “Wildlife refuge has a lion pride consisting of seven cubs from two mothers and Luke is the father of all the cubs.

“As the cubs have gotten braver, they approach Luke easily wanting to engage him in play. ‘I don’t believe he realised she was biting his tail and he didn’t seem to be very upset. Lusaka has a habit of biting the tails of her siblings as well as the adults.”

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