Lidl has launched a £20 sun bed for pets and it’s just perfect for the heatwave

The summer is well underway already as the next days Europe is about to face some extremely hot days. And while for most of the people a hot sunny day is something they’re waiting for a very long time, for our furry companions it might be a truly nightmare.

Thankfully, Lidl comes with the perfect solution to tackle the issue. The huge convenience store has recently launched a Pet Sun Bed for just £19.99 (less than $25) and it is just perfect for your pet to cool in the extremely heat days to come. The sunbed is available in Lidl stores starting from 25th June as part of the store’s Pet Week.

The bed is not extremely cheap or easy to assemble, but it also protects the pets from the sun waves as it offers up to UV50. On the other hand, its raised position offers ventilation to keep them comfortable during the extreme heat.

The so comfortable sun-bed isn’t the only article meant to help your pet to go through the summer easier. Lild is also selling a Dog Pool for £29.99 ($37), a Dog Agility Set for £9.99 ($12.5) which can keep your puppy busy if stuck in the backyard, or a Pet Travel Kit for £14.99 ($19).

(h/t: metro)

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