He Left Out Nuts For Squirrels…And Recorded This Hilarious Video. (You’ll LOL!)

Squirrels have to be the most adorable rodents on the surface of the Earth. Their fluffy tails and sparkly eyes combined with their sparkly personality and insatiable appetite for nuts could make anybody’s heart melt.
But have you ever thought about what a squirrel would say if it could communicate in a way us humans could understand? I mean, what do you think it’s on their minds besides nuts, of course?
Well, that might be a question that is too difficult to answer right now with the information we have about squirrels in general. However, judging by the pace their tiny mouths are moving when eating, they must be fast speakers. Well, at least that’s what Kevin Stewart thinks, judging by this hilarious video he’s posted on the Internet.
The man is now being dubbed as the first official professional squirrel translator in the world, and it’s all thanks to the video we’ve mentioned earlier.
He and his family have made a habit out of leaving nuts for the squirrels in their neighborhood on the front porch of their house. When they came across this little girl, they decided it is celebrity-material, so dad decided to do a voiceover for the friendly squirrel.
This is the awesome result!

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