Lady Gets Nipped After Helping A Family Of Geese Cross The Road

You know how they say that no good deed goes unpunished? Well, if the video below is any indication of the truth, whoever said that might actually be right. Still, that doesn’t mean we should stop helping others and doing good deeds. The woman in the video below knows it best.
She was driving when she noticed an entire family of geese (two adults and nine fluffy baby geese) that were trying to cross a busy road. With many cars passing by, the poor animals risked of being ran over. So the woman decided to pull over, get out of her car and help the geese. After she helped them cross the street, the geese were almost safe. Still, they had one more obstacle they needed to overcome. While the adults managed to step onto the curb leading to the sidewalk, the babies were just too small to do the same.
The woman tried to help them climb up the small cliff, but as soon as she touched the babies, their mom made it pretty clear she didn’t like humans touching her babies. Following her instincts to protect her babies at all costs, the goose attacked the woman.
Find out how it all ended by watching the video below.

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