Koala dies after given water improperly – wildlife cares explain how to do it

Amid the bushfires crisis which affected billions of animals, people in Australia are trying to help the wildlife however they can. And we’ve seen numerous footages of desperate animals bagging locals for some water, especially koalas.

It turned out, it’s extremely dangerous, even fatal,  for the animals life if they’re not given water properly. A rescued koala died due to the matter. Named Arnie – the little koala had only a few minor injuries. However, the poor creature passed away as a kind stranger gave him water directly form the bottle. The man’s gesture was to help, there is no doubt, but it was deadly for the little koala.

After the unfortunate incident, vets and wildlife carers as well, have taken the internet to warn others on the proper way to give water to thirty animals!

“Normally healthy koalas don’t drink but the incredibly dry conditions means they will because they aren’t getting enough fluid, ” Michael Pine, senior vet at Currumbin Wildlife Hospital told DailyMail Australia. “As long as the koala is lapping and drinking itself that’s fine but forcing it into their mouth – there is a risk that koala could breathe the liquid.”

A charity group also took Facebook to explain the correct way to give water to wildlife. “If you find a Koala in need of help in the heat or in a fire zone, please DO NOT OFFER IT WATER BY TIPPINY IT FROM A BOTTLE OR CUP INTO THEIR MOUTHS AND NEVER FORCE A KOALA TO DRINK, “Animalia Wildlife Shelter post reads.

“If you are nowhere near help then the best way to hydrate koalas is to PLACE A BOWL OF WATER ON THE GROUND OR POUR THE WATER IN TO YOUR HAT/HELMET/CUP ETC AND HOLD NEAR KOALAS MOUTH SO THAT IT CAN LAP AT IT, FACE DOWN,” the charity wrote!

h/t: Facebook

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