Street performer is ignored by everyone, but then 4 kittens come to show their support

While some just wait for the opportunity to come, others are born to be street performers. However, life as a street singer isn’t always roses. There are moments when you just want to quit and go home. That’s why, performing for passerby requires a significant amount of talent, but a lot of confidence as well!

Singing out there every day and sometimes even night, just to get ignored or rejected isn’t easy at all. But performing on the streets has its benefits. A surprising audience could came out any time. Out of nowhere.

It’s what happened to this guy in Malaysia. He sang his heart out just to be ignored the whole night, until some unusual fans cam out. While people were passing by him with ignorance, he did catch the attention of an unlikely group of music lovers.

While he was passionately splaying his guitar, a small group of some very interested kittend showed up in front of him. Those small fluffy balls may be an unlikely audience, but they were the cutest and most supportive crowd any performer could ever have.

Watch them in the video below!

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