Kind-hearted man buys turtles from the food market and release them back to the ocean

Regardless how strange it sounds, there are still places out there in the world, where live sea turtles can be brought as market stock!

While for many of us this sounds quite surprising, for some it’s like you’re buying tomatoes. Thankfully, for Arron Culling and his co-worker, Mark it also seemed weird to see those endangered marine creatures sold for food in a market, in Papua New Guinea

Even if most of the sea turtles can be found on the endangered or vulnerable species list, in countries like Australia, Papua New Guinea or Mexico it’s still legal to fish them.

So when such animal lovers and conservationists as Arron and Mike saw that some endangered creatures are about to become someone’s meal, they acted immediately. They brought all the turtles from that market, paying around $50 for them. Then they release them, back into the ocean.

“Found these at the local market,” Arron wrote in a Facebook post. “Got them for 50 bucks drove 5km up the road and let them go.” However, this isn’t the first time Arron and Mark are doing this. They have already rescued ten turtles in this way.

These kind-hearted guys have spent their own money to give those ten turtles another chance to live. What a gesture!

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