Kind man pulls over to save rabbit from California wildfire

A young man is hailed as a hero, after putting his life on the line to save a distressed bunny from California wildfires. Caleb Wadman was driving his motorcycle on Highway 1 in Southern California when spotted the helpless animal. Without a second thought, he just pulled over and rushed to save her. The dramatic rescue was captured on camera by witnesses and the footage went viral.

It wasn’t an easy rescue, though. While Wadman was trying to save the rabbit, the animal got scared and she rushed straight to the flames. In that moment, you can see the man how he’s anxiously holds his head with his hands as he fears for the worst. “In the video that everybody sees, I was going crazy because she was screaming,” the hero explained.

But a few moments after, the tiny creatures reappears and runs off the flames giving Wadman the opportunity to grab her into his arms and eventually take her to safety. The little rabbit female only got a few burns, but she would make it thorough. After rescuing her, the man headed to the California Wildlife Center, where the tiny animal will get the best treatment.

The young man’s small act of kindness was so appreciated on social media where his gesture went viral. “I see in this a young human, overwhelmed by the destruction he can not control,” a person wrote. “Saving this tiny, scared creature gave him a thread to hold on to when all around him was dying.” While another one added: “You just restored my faith in humanity. May you be forever blessed!”

Watch the emotional moment, here:

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